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Lost claim

Guests such as the group found that omission personal items, and through the company found, the company is willing to assist in the lost return of shipments to XX, and arrange to our company headquarters to retrieve.
The company will only for the guests to locate the preservation of omission
Item 1 month, if exceed the time limit not received before the owner notice, the company will be the owner to be automatic give up the lost, the company reserves the right to reject the goods and will not make any compensation.
By all this company assist back to XX of the goods, if in transit have any loss and damage, the company and will not make any compensation.
If the guest omissions lost for food, cigarettes, alcohol, or involved in customs declaration procedures, our company won't help will items shipped back to XX.
If the guest omissions lost, proved to be not dutiable goods, piracy, smuggling goods or any illegal items, the company won't help will items shipped back to XX.
If necessary, the company may require members of a power of attorney signed for goods declare to the customs proof of use.
The guest by the company to assist the items, such as lead to civil and criminal legal responsibility, need from one guest to bear.

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